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How to Achieve Financial Freedom
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Join TOP Executive, Businessman and Self Made Millionaire Mike Amato in a 3-4 hour webinar during which Mike will shift your consciousness from poverty and lack to wealth and walk you through the practical steps of becoming financially abundant! It starts with the mindset but then specific and wise business steps should be followed to get you where you want to be. Mike shares his 40 years of Business experience and coaches you the secrets of success and financial independence, as he does to his private clients, top international banks and companies from around the world. 

I. We'll start out by defining what is meant by financial freedom

--It varies from person to person, ranging from being rich beyond your wildest dreams to simply having the peace of mind knowing you can cover your obligations and maintain your lifestyle comfortably
--Objectives may vary from creating a higher income (flow of money) to better managing money already earned (stock)
--The snowball effect of money and the power of time and momentum, aka compounding

II. A bit about me

--My journey from working part-time as a janitor for $4/ hour, wondering how I would be able to ever buy a house, all the way to becoming a top global executive allowing me to retire at age 52.
--My lessons learned along the way that lead me to develop a wealth mindset that changed my life

III. The wealth mindset

--What you focus on is what you will create....You're always right!
--How neuroscience proves that your attitude dictates your altitude....redefine your ceiling
--Fighting through resistance points with a series of small victories for your brain

IV. Your role in success: The case for Change

--The 3 crucial attributes of change
--Improving your relationship with yourself to change your relationship with money
--How the victim cycle is the single biggest barrier to a successful vision
--Knowing the 7 survival systems and how to make them work for you

V. Building a plan to win

--Vision must be specific
--Your plan must be general -
-Know your gap from where you are to where you want to go
--Develop a strategy based on what you have to trade for wealth, i.e. time, expertise, passion, a product
--Create goals to create an ascending stairway with small wins

VI. Final word
--The role of risk tolerance in your plan
--Understanding the relationship between risk and reward

VII. Q&A for one hour I answer your personal questions and advise you, as I would do with my top clients. 

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How to Achieve Financial Freedom

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