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Heartbreak and Grief
Live Workshop with Angelic

When:  Dec. 22, 2018  Time: 10 am Pacific Time 
Link to join will be emailed to you.
Please reserve approx. 2 hours for this webinar.
Festivity Season with its pressures is soon here!  Are you one of those that feel extreme pressure and the desire to retreat? Do you feel sad, lonely, depressed?  Are there memories that overcome and overwhelm you? Grief that freezes you?  Heartbreak that just wont seem to heal…
You are not alone. And now is a good time to remind yourself of that.   
But there is more.  There is value in your life and your experiences. This season is the perfect time for you to work through those emotions of grief, loss, pain, resentment, hopelessness and resignation.  It's time to step back into the Light.  See this as a sign. 
Join me.  Join us.  This will be a wonderful Workshop to gently move you through what has been weighing you down. Start your new year in a new energy, and mindset. 
You will leave with the Tools you need to help your emotions work for you, not against you.
What you will need:
• -white candle
• -paper/pen
• -sage or frankincense incense 
• -Introduction Clear & Cleanse (activities) 
• -Surrendering/Release (meditations) 
• -Chord Cutting EFT - Rundown, walk-thru, activities 
• -Calling back our energy 
• -White candle work 
• -Reiki/Running energy for healing and insomnia 
• -Tools 
- Wrap-up 

Heartbreak and Grief


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