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Webinar - Dad, I Love you!

My great success began when I honestly and deeply accepted, forgave, and asked my father for forgiveness.

And I sacredly believe that a person cannot be successful, stand up for their boundaries and have a will if they do not have the right relationship with the father.

What is the role of the Father in our lives?

First, my father and I learn to defend our boundaries.

Here is the energy of firmness, willpower and strong-willed decisions. Therefore, when you have no contact with your father, your boundaries will be constantly violated.

Second, accepting the father affects your energy of dignity, honor, will, strength, responsibility, determination, and your ability to act. If the connection is not established, then the will and inner discipline are something extremely difficult for you, and of course, this leads to the next problem - money!

Third, your relationship with your father directly affects your financial flow. Therefore, if you want to increase your cash flow, then this marathon is for you.

The webinar will help you, through constellations with the father and practices with the body, to release a lot of negative or pathological energy to move forward in a radically new way.

Please have a photo of you as a child and a photo of your father with you.

ALREADY RECORDED, was live on October 22nd 2020
Host: Natalia Kobylkina

Price: $99

If you buy in a package with webinar "Mom, I love you" – $199

Dad, I Love you! webinar


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Package of two webinars: Mom and Dad, I Love you!


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