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NEW Creating a true shift in your relationship

A 2-part webinar on authentic relating



  • Part 1: 15th July 2020 from 18.00 to 20.00 EEST
  • Part 2: 16th July 2020 from 18.00 to 20.00 EEST

Host: Milan Karmeli

Milan Karmeli video introduction:

This 2 part webinar addresses and looks at relationships in unconventional ways. No other aspect of our lives bears as much potential for healing and growth as our intimate relationships. Diving into this theme with an open heart and mind can create a significant shift in the way you experience love. You can attend this revealing and interactive webinar by yourself or with your partner. If you’re currently single, the experience will also greatly benefit you.

In this 2-part webinar you will explore some of the core dynamics that drive all relationships in order to understand what creates and hurts connection, trust, and responsibility, and how to express your needs in healthy ways. You will take a step closer in understanding how to co-create a deeper partnership, while also acknowledging the differences that exist.

Many small introductions and exercises will support you in clarifying what you’re facing in your relationships and how to create the closeness you seek.

Join this powerful experiential retreat filled with experiences that allow you to put the pieces together. Relax into seeing that love is not unconditional and come to know the true benefit of a relationship. ‘Creating a true shift in your relationship’ will teach you a new language with yourself and the other.

Who this process is for …

  • This webinar will benefit people who seek to connect authentically and truthfully in relationships.
  • The process is suitable for singles and couples.
  • This deep and insightful process is for everyone who wants to create a new foundation of relating.

Part 1 – Understanding the complexity and potential of intimate relationships

Intimate relationships move through many phases of connection and disconnection, of friendship and animosity, of closeness and rejection. We are often flooded with feelings of anger, doubt, sacrifice, disappointment or guilt, but miss seeing the deeper dynamics underlying them. Part 1 of the webinar will create a clear foundation of the key dynamics impacting your relationship. You will gain insight into how the expression of needs, mutual respect, the roles we take and much more, make your relationship nourishing or draining.

Part 2 – Principles and practices in authentic relating

If we seek for depth in our relationships, we have to be willing to be authentic in our experience. This means that the protections you hold on to and that make you feel safe but also distant, need your attention. In part 2, we take a closer look at principles of relating that take your relationship into a deeper and more soulful connection. We will explore every principle in detail and you’ll have the opportunity to work on those principles that resonate most in you.

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Creating a true shift in your relationship. A 2-part webinar on authentic relating

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from: 2020-06-26 till: 2020-07-16

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