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2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm UK June 2, 2018



Calling all Empaths and Sensitives! Join Angelic’s New Webinar - She will guide, teach and provide you with tools and tips on how to:



- Release unhealthy/low vibrating energies from your field
- Chord cutting with Archangels 
- Clear and cleanse your bodies
- Protect and maintain your delicate nervous system
- Shielding with color prana in order to maintain emotional balance & physical health
- Calling back your Energy! 
This is an open forum! So Angelic will be taking questions on any area you may need help with!

Angelic: "Intuition and Empathy is a gift, being a Sensitive is not a weakness it's a strength, and we need to learn how to use these natural abilities as a tool and a means to bring more light and healing into this world. Ever overwhelmed by the feelings and moods of others? Feel like you carry everyone else's baggage on top of your own? Learn to release, cut chords, purify your aura and work with the Divine in order to be the powerful and loving light-worker you came here to be!"

Calling Back your Power Workshop


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