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Bad boys – user manual

webinar with Nina Kovalyova

WAS LIVE 9th December 2020, NOW IS RECORDED!


Do you want to learn how to interact constructively and for your own benefit with the bad guys?

How to turn from an obedient doll to a cunning puppeteer.

How to make a male manipulator play by your rules?

Then welcome to the master class Bad Boys User Manual, where you will receive precise and clear recommendations and robust algorithms of behavior.

The Bad Boys User Manual webinar will give you unique chance to learn how to control the bad boys and get personal benefits from interacting with them!

Build relationships with the bad boys so that they bring you joy and benefit!

What will we do?

Diagnosis of the reasons why male manipulators appear in your life.

Work with the dark side of your character.

Rules of communication with bad boys, allowing you to get what you want.

Principles of interaction with manipulators, helping to always be alert.

Who is it for? 

For women who:

- Do not want to continue to be a suffering side.

- Strive to understand what a manipulator relationship is learning.

- Want to lead the game with the bad boy on their own, not be led.

- Hope to break the vicious circle of recurring stories with a sad ending and a
broken heart.

What will you learn?

- What exactly are the lessons that manipulative men bring to your life?

- How to turn from a sufferer into a self-sufficient woman, able to enjoy the game
and benefit from relationships with bad boys.

- How to constructively interact with different types of bad boys and easily
recognize their ways of manipulating people.

Sooner or later, all women have to communicate with male manipulators. This could be an ex-husband, the father of your child, an authoritarian boss, etc.

Not knowing how to deal with them properly, we begin to suffer, get annoyed or avoid communication, missing out on our opportunities and lowering our self-esteem.

What should we do? How do you communicate with such men for your own benefit?

You will find out this in this training. There are men for love, and there are men for games. Very often, having not learned the lessons of the latter, we cannot meet the former.

Don't wait for the bad boy to fall in love with the good girl - it only happens in the movies. Take an active position in life, dictate your terms, put your rules of the game and win!

This webinar will show you what bad boys can teach you and what the lessons of communicating with them are. It will teach you to build a relationship with a man-manipulator according to your rules!

Bad Boys - User Manual


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