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33 Days to the Dream 

book by Natalia Kobylkina


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Effortlessly Attract The Power Of Change In Your Life, Overcome Self-Doubt and Unlock Phenomenal Confidence.

Achieve success in every area of your life and overcome fears that hold you back!

33 Days To The Dream

Unleash The Power of Charge For Immediate Success, Let Go of Past Failures and Become Successful in Every Area Of Your Life.




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Have you ever wondered how to improve your quality of life?

Maybe you`re not feeling confident enough, don`t have enough self-confidence, and probably don`t believe in yourself - quite often you are asking yourself "what can I do to love and appreciate myself more?

Maybe you`re facing a self-esteem problem - like most of the women in the world, nowadays, quite often you have that feeling that you are not perfect, don`t get what you want, and feeling that the world is against you...

Maybe you have diffculties in your relationship, personal and professional - quite often you are wondering how to discover the hidden feminine power in you, and feeling hopeless you think "I will never achieve the change I need..."

Imagine a day where you living your own life without limitation.

A day when you change your mind, thoughts, habits...

And become a successful and happy woman.

No fears. No limitations. No overthinking.

Just passion and purpose!


How the book work

Over 33 days the book will guide you on a prosperous path where you will release yourself from anything holding you back, change your habits, and instilled believes that will help you to build your new understanding of yourself and human relationships.

Each day you will be doing practical and helpful exercises with clear guidelines to follow. They will show you how to implement all strategies in the book which will transform your life.

To make sure you truly transform, we've put together a personal diary to guide you every step of the way where you can write your thoughts and monitor your progress.


What you will learn

Practices, exercises, meditations and strategies.
Working with an inner man and woman - why this is important.
Types of men, their characteristics and how to behave with them.

How to deal with difficult situations, overcome our fears and unlock trust?
Where and how do we lose our energy?
Why we attract bad guys and how to change it.
♥ "This book created a new me!" ♥
- Elena


Price $29


Hi, I am Natalia

In the course of recent years, I've worked with a huge number of people across varying backgrounds to help them carry on with the existence they DESERVE.

I've helped many women caught in the profundities of sadness and dependence on transcending their current circumstances and self-harm to make their fantasy lives. From single moms, cleaners, and educators - right to CEOs, world pioneers, and heroes.

Perhaps the most widely recognized issue individuals face is the conviction that they are adequately not.

For this reason, I wrote this book a few years ago because I often received inquiries from my clients asking the same questions and having the same struggles.

Now I want to share my thoughts with more people and show them how I faced those issues myself. Also, that already helped thousands of women from all over the world.



33 Days to Dream BOOK


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