Secrets of the 12 Houses Course.

12 Foundational Astrology Lessons
Secrets of the 12 Houses 
Foundational 50 Hour Astrology Course
12 Weeks,4 hours per class, every other week on Thursdays or Sundays. 
Starts Sunday May 27th 2018
From 12pm Pacific time


You will be sent a link for each live and recorded webinar a day before the start. 
The course starts on 27th of May. You will be informed in advance when each following class will be. 

What will be covered:

Introductory class on the different house systems and what they are used for. 

The psychological, emotional, esoteric, exoteric, material meanings of each house

Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nodes in each House. Psychological and physical manifestations

Meaning of house rulers in the other houses. 

Combinations of house rulers. Yogas 

Multiple real life examples

How to interpret and see the most important life themes through the houses and their rulers 


If you cannot attend the live classes you can email me questions regarding the material at:

No previous knowledge of astrology required. For BEGINNERS, as well as ADVANCED students or lovers of astrology! 

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Secrets of the 12 Houses $250

You will receive a link for the live and recorded video a day before each lecture. I reserve the rights to change some live webinar days. You will be informed in advance! 

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