Psychic & Spiritual Attacks

Webinar with Kaleen
Are you suffering or have you suffered from Psychic or Spiritual Attack?!
Live on Tuesday December 12th at 4 pm Pacific time, 7pm Eastern, 
In this almost 4 Hour webinar, International Psychic Medium Karleen Savariau will teach us how to understand, recognize, counter and clear Psychic or Spiritual Attacks!  Come comfy, with lots of water and snacks :)
Spiritual and Psychic Attacks are far more common than we think.  But we are not left helpless, and have possibilities to deal with them or counter them. Using real life examples, Karleen will explain Spiritual Attacks, going through the history of the recognition of what Psychic Attacks are and how they are dealt with, to her own intuitively channeled Guidance with additional information provided by her Guide for modern day occurrences! Some will be given the opportunity to share, or use their experiences as an example.  You will walk away with solid advice and guidance, which will help you in your day to day or help others you encounter. 
No prior knowledge is needed, just an openness to the topic.   
The last part of the webinar will include Q&A with Karleen. 
Psychic & Spiritual Attacks $39.99