North and South Nodes. Rahu and Ketu.

Birth chart and transits

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Astrolada goes in depth in this 4 hour webinar in regards to the mystical South and North nodes, also known as Rahu and Ketu.  Astrolada gives you the Vedic, modern and ancient astrology outlook on the Karmic importance of the nodes. 

We discuss the following topics:

-Rahu and Ketu in astronomy, mythology and history
-Eclipses and the South and North Node
-the karmic and evolutionary implications of Rahu and Ketu
-past live talents, challenges and lessons vs present life progress
-Spiritual (South Node) vs Material (North Node) 
-Rahu and Ketu through the houses of the birth chart
-Working with and mastering the challenges of Rahu and Ketu
-Transits of the North and South nodes

The Nodes of the Moon in the Horoscope $22.99 till July 28th, 44.99$ after

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