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So many of you asked me to create written horoscopes for the month with a lot of more information for each of the 12 signs!


I guess my accent can be be hard on some too!


So here is what you asked for! 


Some days are just stellar, everything runs smoothly, people cooperate and help you, you are charming and graceful! Others are a nightmare, from being late to work, to getting accused falsely, squabbling with the shop assistant, stubbing your toe, etc and most days are a mixed bag.


Wouldn’t it be nice to know what kind of day you would be in for every day of the month ahead? And then plan your important events and dates for those rare perfect days! 


I love how astrology consistently shows you this as a clockwork! We can even see the general mood and vibe and possible outcomes on any given day within a 2-3 hours window! 


This is the reason my teacher and I have compiled for you the MONTHLY astrology forecast: 300 e-pages of pure and specific predictions for just $4.99 for the current month and $7.99 for the next one! 


In- depth insights on all major astrology influences for the month on each sign!


The lunar phases and the lunar aspects every day. 


Information how the planets moving in different signs will affect each of the signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. 


The HELIACAL Phases of the planets, and what to do during these. (You CANNOT find this information for free online) 


Description of the planetary aspects forming this month. What to be aware of, how to best benefit from each cosmic formation. 


Very practical advice on different activities: relationships, particular careers, new beginnings, health, money, business deals, etc


A day by day break down of the important influences happening in the sky and how to navigate them


Astrology and occult advice on the best practices for each influence, so you can turn around negative influences


Ready to grab your? 
Created by Tzvetemira Borisova (Lada's teacher) and Astrolada

A  look at the Written Horoscopes for the 12 signs:

May 2019 was $7.99, now $4.99

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March 2019 all 12 signs was $7.99, now $4.99!

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April 2019 All 12 signs was $7.99. Now $4.99

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February 2019 Astrology Predictions for all 12 Signs $4.99

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June $7.99

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