Monthly Written Astrology Predictions

140 Slides of all astrology influences
140 slides of in- depth insights on all major astrology influences for the month of January 2018!

Information how the planets moving in different signs will affect Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. 

Description of the planetary aspects forming this month. What to be aware of, how to best benefit from each cosmic formation. 

Very practical advice on different activities: relationships, particular careers, new beginnings, health, money, business deals, etc

Special focus on the New and Full Moons and the ECLIPSES!

A day by day break down of the important influences happening in the sky and how to navigate them

Astrology and occult advice on the best practices for each influence, so you can turn around negative influences

Created by Tzvetemira Borisova (Lada's teacher) and Astrolada

Get your January Astrology Calendar and In Depth Description of the month! 

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January Astrology Predictions, 140 pages $7.99

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February 2019 Astrology Predictions