LOVE Marathon!

with Natalia 

LOVE Marathon!

with natalia kobilkina


Starts 25th November and finishes on 25th December 

Price $99

The format - Telegram




Ta-da, the long-awaited moment has come! The Love Marathon starts!


This marathon will unlock in you beautiful revelations about love, partnership and sex.

It will be charging and transforming. We will break our own limits so we can see ourselves and the relations with people around us in a new way.

The marathon is one of the best training forms because it is:


you have access to the Viber videos at convenient times for you and you can share and comment in the group with the other participants

you get result because only for a month you change your neuron connections

- you develop new habits and achieve new results which you otherwise wouldn’t achieve

you have common group energy and together we really do miracles


We will work on the topics of:


How to love yourself

Acceptance and respect for yourself

5 love languages and how love starts

How to make minus into plus in love

Brain transformation and reprogramming

How to develop harmonious relations with our current partner

Basic mistakes in the relations

Relationship’s stages of development

How to overcome crisis with our partner so as to develop rather than fight

What do we do with difficult partners: indifferent, aggressive, unemployed, cheating, lying, cold in sex

What do really good lovers do in bed

You have to be able to do this!

How to unlock yourself for free communication in sex?

Approaches and useful practices

In this format your work individually and the convenience is that this happens via phone and you can listen to the recording with me in the car, while waiting some place or at work. My voice will guide you and you will feel I am just a call away.

Two or three times a week you will receive an audio recording with exercises that you will do until the next recording. You only need to have a smartphone and a headset.


Bonus: charging practices and meditations for love and sexuality! I promise you will feel good and hot!



Unlock yourself for the Love flow!

Are you ready to jump in your new quantum reality?

Do you want to break your fears and limitations?

Do you want to reach new targets and wishes?

Are you ready to become more aware for everything that has been going on in your head?

Join and let your wishes become a reality!

IMPORTANT! You are not allowed to join after the marathon has started.

We don’t bear responsibility to resend information or videos you have missed.



LOVE Marathon! $99

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