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The Right decisions
Our Authority is our freedom
Online workshop with Amba
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Human Design is a Synthesis  of  Esoteric Nature of Design, Quantum Physics, Biochemistry, Genetics, Astrology, Hindu Chakra System, Judaic Kabbalah and Chinese I’Ching.

Human Design is the perfect system that can completely change your life, as it  changed mine in 2009.
This system can introduce you to your personal mechanics, what type of person you are, how to make the right decisions in life, what your personal strategy is, to feel fulfilled and to know who you are. You often follow someone else's model and imitate someone because they are successful and this leads to personal conflicts. As you have different qualities from other people that, Human Design is a system that will help you to be successful and live a happy life.

Everything in our lives is based on whether we make the right decisions. Decisions are important to all of us and we must learn to take responsibility for every moment of our lives whether it is important  or not. We all know that we make the biggest mistakes when we do not listen  to ourselves.
The Human Design System teaches us that our  decision making is closely linked to our authority. We all have different Authorities.

At the workshop you will learn about:

  • Sacral Authority
  • Emotional/Solar Plexus Authority
  • Splenic Authority
  • Ego/Heart Authority
  • Self/Identity/G Authority
  • Environment Authority
  • Moon/Lunar Authority

If you want to get acquainted with your unique nature and how to make the right decisions according to your authority, the workshop "The Right decisions” is for you.


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The Right decisions. Our Authority is our freedom


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