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Strengths and wisdom

Nine Energy Centers and how they affect us

Live Online workshop with Amba


Price: $39.99


Human Design is a Synthesis  of  Esoteric Nature of Design, Quantum Physics, Biochemistry, Genetics, Astrology, Hindu Chakra System, Judaic Kabbalah and Chinese I’Ching.


Human Design is the perfect system that can completely change your life, as it  changed mine in 2009.

This system can introduce you to your personal mechanics, what type of person you are, how to make the right decisions in life, what your personal strategy is, to feel fulfilled and to know who you are. You often follow someone else's model and imitate someone because they are successful and this leads to personal conflicts. As you have different qualities from other people that, Human Design is a system that will help you to be successful and live a happy life.

In Human Design we have four types and nine “Centers”. The Centers are  geometric shapes located inside the BodyGraph. The Centers are our life force, that circulates throughout the BodyGraph through the channels.

The white centers are called Open or undefined. When you have a center that is Open it means that you don’t have a fixed or consistent way of processing and experiencing that particular energy.

Open centers are our greatest teachers and deepest source of wisdom. Open Centers are the source of our pain.

On this workshop you will learn:

  • biological correlation of  the Centers
  • specific function of the  Centres
  • how the Centers function correctly
  • when Centers  operate incorrectly
  • your strength
  • your pain
  • your wisdom

Understanding how to operate your Centers will help you to be happier, more balanced, and more resilient in your life.

You will receive recorded lessons & online classes.

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Strengths and wisdom. Nine Energy Centers and how they affect us


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