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Living your design

Certified Course

Bermuda Isles

23rd to 26th July 2020

Four-day course with Amba


DATES: Thursday      23rd July 2020

              Friday           24th July 2020

              Saturday       25th July 2020

              Sunday         26th July 2020


TIME: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Bermuda time

PRICE:  $400

WHERE:  Spirit House, Bermuda


This four-day course can change your life forever!

“Living your design” course is open to anyone!


The “Living Your Design” Course is a self-discovery and a transformational journey!

This course focuses on centres, explores types, strategy and authority to make the right decisions.

Provides practical information and examples.

Provides practical exercises in the group to realise deeper who you are and how you interact with others.

Provides lots of opportunities for sharing.


The “Living Your Design” course doesn’t deal with specific Lines, Gates, Channels or Profiles.


Human Design is the perfect system that can completely change your life, as it for me in 2009.

This system can introduce you to your personal profile, what type of person you are, how to make the right decisions in life, what your personal strategy is, to feel fulfilled and to know who you are. Human Design is a system that will help you to be successful and live a happy life.


Human Design is a Synthesis of Esoteric Nature of Design, Quantum Physics, Biochemistry, Genetics, Astrology, Hindu Chakra System, Judaic Kabbalah and Chinese I’Ching.


Focus of this Course



Defined, Undefined and Open

How you are affected by your Definition

How you impact others



How the Four Types operate

What it’s like to be each Type

The Strategy of your Type and how to use it

How your Type interacts with others



How they work

How to follow your Authority


Required Materials: Living Your Design Manual

Your Charts as examples.

You will be awarded a certificate at the end of this course and will be able to continue your professional training.


Why in person will give you far more than online, what are the differences:

1. Close contact with Amba

2. Games and exercises

3. Live tools for Human Design

4. Whole day of questions and answers

5. Working in a group environment speeds up and expands the process of understanding and absorbing knowledge.

6. Therapeutic and healing results

7. The scared place of Bermuda will help us with its powerful energy

8. Visiting of sacred spaces

9. During the free time you can bask in the healing and uplifting beauty of the sun, the plants, the ocean, which increases the process of realization.

10. Discuss your personal chart


Please send us your name, date of birth, exact time and place of birth.


Please make your free chart here.


Why Bermuda Isles?

Bermuda is a Paradise on the Earth, sitting at the top of the Bermuda Triangle. This beautiful place is one of the Vortex points on Earth. Esoteric sources tell us that it was part of the mythical Continent Atlantis!

Filled with bright energy these mystical isles are a place of transformation.


Bermuda is made up of 138 islands in the North Atlantic Ocean and is famous for its pink sandy beaches including the world-famous Horseshoe Bay Beach.  Snorkelling and Scuba Diving are two favourite water sports here and for good reasons... there are numerous shipwrecks, colourful coral reefs and stunning marine life around the Bermuda.


“Living your design” course will take place at Spirit House.




In this tiny island there are a lot of affordable places to stay including Airbnb.

You need to arrange your own travel and accommodation.                                                                           

Spirit House you can rent 1 large room for 4 guests.


I would be happy to help if you have any questions about accommodation as I live in Bermuda.


On Sunday we will all go together and visit some spectacular places on the island and have an experience with Human design in real life!


Let's be together on this Human Design Course in Bermuda!

Living your design. Certified Course. Bermuda Isles


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