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I am Amba and I an emotional Projector, profile 3/5 , Virgo.

It is a pleasure for me  to be  a part of the AstroLada community.

I am here to support and guide the Human Design community.


I heard about Human Design in 2009 and began my own journey. Since then I have got to understand how to live my own life without  bitterness and lack of energy.


Before my experience with Human Design I worked as a fashion designer, owner of two shops, one spiritual centre and I was well overworked. I was involved with many spiritual practices because I tried to be more calm and productive  and I finally came across Human Design and its ideology, which completely changed my life. I realised that the Human Design system is perfect for me. I saw all my mistakes and started to follow my Projector strategy and after 11 years of transformation, I feel completely different in a positive way.During these eleven years I saw positive changes to many people, who were involved in the Human Design system and I decided to share my knowledge and my own experience with you.







Everything that I do is based on the principle of Human Design - the way to live well, to eat healthy, to be creative, to have fun, to be successful and to enjoy a harmonious and loving relationship with my partner. Everything is so easy now, due to Human Design. Through my courses  I would like to share my secrets so that more people can feel successful and internally satisfied.


Thank you to all the wonderful Human Design teachers, who helped me to become  a certified guide of the course Living your design”.


In 2016, my husband and I founded an international non-profit charity named LightSource, which aims to improve interior design and raise the awareness and creativity of children in the school system. Amba Human Designdonates 10% of our profit after tax to LightSourcecharity. You, our clients are also supporting this  beautiful cause!


By offering the course Living your designand workshops I want to guide people to become successful, to be aware that everybody is different and they have to follow their own strategy to be happy, successful and at peace!


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