Group love regression

webinar with host Mariyana Shenkova

Group love regression


DATE: 5th October 2019

From 5pm until 7pm EEST 

Price: $99

Host: Mariyana Shenkova


Are you ready to attract love in your life?


What is group love regression?

Experiencing a past life in a group. During this journey we will look at the topic of love. You will find out where your blockages in love, insecurity, lack of confidence and your limiting beliefs about love come from. In this regression, we will work to feel that we are valuable, important and meaningful in giving and receiving love. After this practice, you will receive love and support in your life.

It starts with a 30-minute introduction and an explanation of how the process will go, what kinds of visions you may have, what are the most common fears and expectations during your encounter with the past. Guided meditation follows which lasts for about 50 minutes. Each participant sees and feels things for themselves. What each of you can see, feel or experience is different and individual. All information about our past is contained in our subconscious, so it is necessary to calm our consciousness and focus on our feelings, thoughts, feelings, knowledge. Once the regression is complete, there will be time for questions and sharing, if wanted.


Who is it appropriate for?

For those who:

  1. Want to heal their heart and attract true loe
  2. Want to find their soulmate
  3. Want to hae the love of their dreams
  4. Want a partner who will loe and support them
  5. Want shared and true loe
  6. Want to heal their sense of loneliness and rejection
  7. Want to build the family of their dreams


What will we do?

Via mediation you can contact your past lives which have valuable and important information about love.


During the group love regression you will:


  1. Connect to your true self
  2. Connect to the feeling of love
  3. Improve the relationship with our inner you
  4. Improve the relationship with your intuition
  5. Feel lighter, calmer and more confident
  6. Inspire to follow your inner voice

We are expecting your!





Group love regression $99

You will receive a link for the webinar within a few hours on your paypal registered email. Make sure you check your spam! If you are no longer using your paypal email, contact us for the link on: The live event on Zoom is only available for the given time in the description. Once it ends, we will be uploading the video to youtube, from where you can access it and watch it - unlimited! 

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