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I am offering the chance to work in my team as a financial astrologer (on and therefore we put together a course for you to learn or revise the basics as well as the advance techniques.
Pre- Requisite:
You must have some knowledge over signs, houses, aspects and planets
Viktor has always been amazed by vocational and financial astrology, which is no wonder with 5 planets in the 10th house.
He would like to share his methods of how to find the perfect vocation and boost your financials through astrology.
This will be a 13 week module, maybe with 1 or 2 bonus classes, depending on whether you need additional practise or not.
This course is designed for those, who already know some basic astrology and want to specialise in one of the most exciting branches of astrology - vocation and financials.
This will be one of the most comprehensive courses you can find online with truly one of the best teachers.
I am looking for the best person to join my team as a financial astrologer.
Is this you?
At the end of the course I will give you the possibility to make a financial forecast for someone and choose 1 person.
Financial and vocational astrology – WORK IN ASTROLADA’S TEAM


Lesson 1: Midheaven and its role, MC signs – qualities we need to be successful

Lesson 2: Planets around the MC

Lesson 3: Aspects to MC, the Ruler of MC in different houses

Lesson 4: Money houses – 2nd, 8th, 11th house – Planets in the 2nd house – what gives us money?

Lesson 5: What is holding you back to become successful? – Chiron, Saturn and the 12th house

Lesson 6: Your spending habits -Venus and Moon

Lesson 7: Pallas Athene in vocational astrology

Lesson 8: Introduction to business astrology

Lesson 9: Saturn / Jupiter business cycle

Lesson 10: Financial cycles and the nodes

Lesson 11: How to analyse business cycles

Lesson 12: Selecting the right stock for investment

Lesson 13: Major trends in stock market / investment

Lesson 14-15: Practise and revision


Bonus FREE videos:


- Part of fortune webinar - 4h 20min

- How to spot money in your chart – 6 hours!


Price: 859USD – can be paid in 2 parts ( 450USD per month) 

NOTE: Paying in installments is a bit more expensive than the full price of $859! 


Start date: 25th April 2021


You will receive a pdf file with the two free webinars inside and also Viktor will contact you by email for the details about the first class. 


In case of many applications, we will do 2 classes, one on a different day



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