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The Secrets of Zodiac Degrees

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After the success of "How to Find a Husband or a Wife" webinar, Nikola had many requests to make another one, explaining the mystery of the 30 degrees. 

Nikola has discovered the meaning of each of the 30 degrees and through it, is able to make uncannily detailed predictions, like the career of your mother, the color of your car, the name of your sibling or where you met your spouse! 

Many think that Nikola does this through his intuition, but his hundreds of students around the world, who use this system are also able to see surprising details, which proves that so can everyone else! I've had emails from Nikola's students telling how they we able to make sensational predictions once they studied the Degree theory with Nikola. 

No one else knows this system! No one else is able to figure out such accurate details! 

This is not astrology with psychological digressions and vague "spiritual" explanations. This is precise and predictive astrology, using just your birth chart!!

Nikola reveals the amazing secret of the 30 degrees, how to use them, how to make predictions with them!Find our the degrees of Beauty, Luck, Wealth, but also Murder, Disease, Divorces and much more!! 

Nikola gives multiple examples from his practice.Nikola will be taking Q&A on the material taught, at the end of the live webinar. Nikola will not be reading your personal charts. 

Some prior knowledge of astrology required, like the meaning of the 12 signs, the planets and houses. 

Nikola's style of teaching is not structured, but flows full of real life examples and stories. 

"I am a professional astrologer.  I have studied for 40 years.  I just want you to know that this webinar was absolutely excellent!  

It was brilliant how he used his wife's chart as  an example. I learned soooo much from that example.  
The webinar was amazing and I want to hear more.  I think it's important that people as you said at the end, that they know charts a bit more than
maybe some of the people who were on the webinar. I can't wait for more from this man.  Thanks so very, very much for your contribution to astrology.  You really are amazing!" 
Carol. M

"I just wanted to say this has been life changing and extremely informative. Thanks so much for both of yours generosity!!!
It is true this can be scary information, but I think this is a genuine way looking at things!"
Adel. S

"WOW! Thank you dear Lada for bringing us Nikola with this invaluable information! I admit to freaking out a bit with some of the angles. Perhaps you and Nikola could consider empowering us with a webinar about remedies for these bad angles?"

"Hi Lada, I wanted to tell you I enjoyed todays webinar very much. Nikoli has so much wonderful information about the degrees and his style and stories are great. I am a psychic astrologer and todays webinar was my Sunday treat after a hard 2 weeks building new websites.
I enjoyed it so much, I ordered his video about marriage and relationships too just now. "

Secrets of the 30 degrees


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