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How to Find the  Best Aspect In your Horoscope and Use it to Attract Wealth & Well Being With It



In this 2.5 Hour webinar, World Famous Astrologer Nikola Stoijanovic will teach us how to find the best, stronger and most positive aspect, position of configuration in your horoscope, what it means and how to tap into its energy in order to bring more Abundance, Wealth, Health, Well Being and Happiness in our life!

The main meanings of the planets will be explained and multiple examples will be given how to combine the meanings of the positive planets, houses and positions in your horoscope and apply these in your daily life in a practical manner-from wearing special colors, eating specific foods, carrying or using objects of the same vibration, naming your business, choosing the right career for most financial and social success, incorporating  techniques and little actions into your daily life, love life or business, in order to enhance the beneficial frequencies that promise the fastest road to manifestation. 

Some initial knowledge of astrology is needed--knowing the positions of planets in your horoscope, the houses and aspects. 

The last part of the webinar will include Q&A with Nikola. 

Best Aspect with Nikola


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