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Predicting with Transits 


Know how the 60 most important transits can influence you and how to find when. 

This course includes the a written short manual about how to make predictions about the future using transits and especially the 60 recorded transits included in the course!
It uses only transits--the actual movements of the planets in current time and how they affect your own birth horoscopes.

I give you amazing insights into how to interpret transits, how they are most likely to manifest in your life, how to see which one will be the most important.

This course contains links to 60 private audio/video files, which enlist and explain in depth the most important transits which can happen in your life, these include the transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to your personal natal planets and important points in the horoscope, like house cusps. 

If you look for these, you can predict important events life:
-new jobs
new relationships
-big psychological and material shifts in your life
-financial opportunities
-periods of blockages and difficulties
-periods to proceed and expand
-periods to take it easy 

and much more.....!

Enjoy the course!

60 Most Important Transits


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