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Stelliums are conjunctions of 4 or more planets within a short distance. They indicate a special mission one is born into! This mission often requires big sacrifices one is required to make in order to fulfil it, but if one avoids the imperative demands of one's stellium, they will be thrown into a repeating cycle of difficulties, losses and dissatisfaction, happening in other areas of their life, until they start unfolding the intense talents and goal indicated by the sign and house of the stellium. 
Actually in old times seers and astrologers would advise people with big stelliums to go into ashrams, retreats or monasteries and withdraw from the world, so they could focus exclusively on mission indicated by the planets, without the distraction of normal duties and pleasures.

Stelliums are a sign of a pioneering spirit, they have purpose to set new beginnings and blaze new trails in certain areas. I will walk you through each of these combinations and what they mean. 

This is what you will get for the 3 hour webinar for just $29.99

-How to find if you have a stellium in your horoscope
-which stelliums are most powerful and which less so
-which stelliums give more problems and which are more supportive
-what stelliums in different signs mean 
-what stelliums in different houses mean
-how to discover your imperative life mission as indicated by the stellium
-how to manifest it in the modern world
-careers connected to different stelliums 
-ancient and modern interpretations of stelliums
-multiple celebrity and real life examples
-Q&A at the end and discussing some charts 


"This is not the first webinar I purchased from Astrolada, and every time I am amazed at how much information Lada is able to give. I learn so much from her, and I really recommend her and her YouTube channel to anyone interested in astrology, and is a must to anyone who wants to become an astrologer! I even consider her my teacher!


So Thank you! Keep up the good work! And please continue feeding us, the hungry for information people"
Keren. H.

Stelliums Webinar


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