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Speed Reading the Birth Chart!

5 Hour Webinar 

with Bryan Colter

WAS Live Saturday September 12th 2020, NOW IS RECORDED!

Price: $99

Have you ever wanted to more quickly understand your core chart dynamics, or that of a loved one?

Join me in this 5 hour webinar. I will guide you through the process of quickly assessing the main archetypes shining through a birth chart. This is from the approach of Evolutionary Astrology.

You will learn:

- A cursory overview of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, the chart ruler, the 12 houses, and the archetypes associated with the 12 signs.
- How to systemically approach a chart without becoming overwhelmed
- How to weave the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant all together
- Understand the psychological and spiritual dynamics of a chart quickly

After the theory part of the presentation, Bryan will rapid fire read the charts of some of the participants!

Understanding the soul’s journey in this lifetime is a precious skillset to polish. Come join me to learn how to facilitate growth in yourself and others!

Your ally in evolution,
Bryan Colter

Speed Reading the Birth Chart webinar


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