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Soul Mate Compatibility and Astrology



There is a special SOUL CHART, called the Navamsa in ancient Vedic astrology(or the 9th Divisional chart in modern astrology), which maps the longing of your soul: what your Higher Self leads you to acquire as qualities in this lifetime. It is often referred as the chart of the future incarnation, because working towards these character traits in this life, will reflect as positions in your future life birth chart. It is also known as the chart, which takes over after 50, with emotional maturity and when we are more complete in our development.

Indeed this chart indicates NOT what we come here with as qualities, which is clearly shown by the birth chart, but what we strive to, what life pushes us towards and what we gradually become.

What the soul longs for, the soul attract most often through our closest partners and loved ones. We are drawn to the people who naturally have the qualities we need for our evolution the most, and this is how we end up marrying or partnering with them! This is the reason the chart is known in vedic astrology, as the soul mate or marriage horoscope, because no one shapes our character and experience of ourselves more than our life partners. You will discover uncanny similarities between the birth chart of your life partner and your Soul Chart. 

In this webinar Astrolada teaches you the secrets of the Soul Mate chart and how to compare your horoscope to another and see if this person-lover or friend, parent or child, is someone who helps you develop your soul purpose. If so, these people will play a major role in your life and will stay for a long period in your life. You will also find out what to look for in the birth chart of potential partners, if they are to satisfy your soul longing and needs!

This ancient compatibility method reveals why many sexually and emotionally compatible people(according to their birth charts) never end up in serious relationships or why some very unlikely pairs and different characters can be magnetically connected for years! And while most modern astrologers are left scratching their heads while pouring over such cases, having this easy method in your arsenal, will quickly give you clarity!

Of course, sometimes the soul connection goes just from one person to the other and not vice versa, then we have someone who swears they have found their soulmate, but the other person does not feel the same way. You will find out how this plays out though the soul mate charts too. 

You will learn:-philosophy and meaning of the Navamsha, D9 Soul Chart
-finding the most important points of the Soul Mate chart: Moon, Ascendant/Descendant and Rahu and Ketu
-interpreting the soul mate chart
-seeing different marriage partners from the soul mate chart
-comparing your soulmate chart to another's birth chart
-comparing your soul mate chart to another's soulmate chart
-how to see if the soul attraction goes both ways
-multiple examples!

NO PREVIOUS ASTROLOGY KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE NEEDED! This technique is so easy, yet so profound! All you need is the correct birth time of both partners and love for learning! 

Soul Mate Compatibility


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