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NO NEED of previous astrology knowledge!

Going deep into the chart to see the needs, desires and sexual instincts.

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Candace is a Scorpio Sun, Libra Ascendant, Aries moon Psychic Astrologer and appeared as a guest host of Elite Daily's, Astrology and Dating series in 2015. Giving expert advice on the zodiac signs and dating, as a follow up to Elite Daily's "What your zodiac sign says about your dating habits''.
Here we have her break down and teach us the most important factors to look for in love, sex and romance, and how you can learn so much about yourself and the person you are with by comparing your natal charts. But before you can compare them, you must understand what you are looking at, and what you are looking for!

Your self esteem, emotional reactions and needs, how you please and please another, how you communicate, and how you want to be pleased is found in the chart, along with what you desire on a sexual , romantic, emotional and moral level. In this 2 hour webinar, Candace will teach you how to assess the personality, relationship habits, sexual compatibility and preferences and you will learn what and where to look for in the natal chart when it comes to how one navigates desire, intimacy, and the emotional connections that come with sex and love. You do not need to know any previous astrology to take this class, Candace starts at the beginning!

You will learn the following:
• Are you an Initiator, Builder or a Negotiator
• Why comparing SUN SIGNS is not Enough
• How to calculate your sun moon and ascendant sign and the 12 houses on the zodiac wheel.

The SPECIFIC and MOST IMPORTANT areas in the natal chart to look at for with regards to

-The energy of EVERY PLANET and what it brings to the table in regards to romance love and sexual expression
-The parts of the human body that each planet rules, how we give love, receive love, deal with confrontation and communicate our needs.
-The moon sign and body sensitivity.

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Sex and Love 101

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from: 2020-02-06 till: 2020-03-06

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