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Secrets of the 12 Houses 
Foundational 60 Hour Astrology Course

PRICE $350

15 Mins FREE Preview from the webinar Secrets of the First House

12 Mins FREE Preview from the webinar Secrets of the Eight House

What is covered:

Introductory class on the different house systems and what they are used for. 

The psychological, emotional, esoteric, exoteric, material meanings of each house

Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nodes in each House. Psychological and physical manifestations

Meaning of house rulers in the other houses. 

Combinations of house rulers. Yogas 

Multiple real life examples

How to interpret and see the most important life themes through the houses and their rulers 


No previous knowledge of astrology required. For BEGINNERS, as well as ADVANCED students or lovers of astrology! 



"Just finished listening to and absorbing all things about the 12th house. Wow! 7 hrs!! That’s a record!
I’m writing this to just thank you again for another amazing, thought-provoking seminar. Your knowledge and depth and understanding is truly inspiring. This whole course has been so eye-opening. You have a great ability to connect with your students and to explain on a level that can be easily understood. You don’t sugar-coat or by-pass the dark stuff (which I respect) and you are truthful about it.  I’ve been a student of yours for a few years now (taken many of your courses) and your teaching skills have dramatically improved for the better with each course. I’m grateful that you’ve made these courses available at an affordable price but without compromising the content. You are a wonderful teacher! 

I can’t wait for the aspects course and to be able to piece everything together."


Secrets of the 12 Houses


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