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In this exclusive webinar, Robert Phoenix reveals the future world and personal events which Saturn in Capricorn will instigate for us. He walks us through the global prediction and then focuses on how this epic and once in a 30 year position of Saturn-the Karmic teacher, will affect each of us personally, based on our specific horoscope-houses, transits to personal planets, etc. and how to benefit the most from this highly disciplining and structuring influence. 
Saturn is very powerful in Capricorn, and will be a dispenser of hard earned blessings this time around too, find out how! 

"It's been thirty years since Saturn last entered the sign of Capricorn in 1988.  1989 was a turning point in political history because a wave of revolutions swept the Eastern Bloc, ending in December 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. While the USSR crumbled, the USA, led by G.H.W. Bush proclaimed that the beginning of the war with Iraq was the start of the New World Order, in a speech given on 9/11/90.  Thus Saturn in Capricorn gave birth to globalism, punctuated by McDonald's opening in China on October 8th, 1989.  The Internet began under Tim Berners Lee.  Microsoft's profits soared during this period.
If history repeats through cosmic cycles, what lies ahead for us on the global theater?  Will Saturn in Capricorn be the capstone for the globalist agenda?  Especially as it conjuncts Trans-Pluto in January of 2020.  How will this potent aspect affect all of us on an individual level?  How can we find and direct our inner authority, the CEO within?  
Saturn isn't known for sexy, but it is known for structure, disciple and order. Saturn in Capricorn doubles down and everyone has the opportunity to structure their lives in a way that allows them to live more efficiently, while making tough decisions  with how to live and direct ones life.  Combined with Pluto, this phase has the potential to be potently transformational for both society and the individual as both seek to define and redefine the locus of control on a daily and long term basis."

Robert Phoenix

This is just as excerpt from the course, come join Robert and be prepared for the transit of the DECADE! 
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Saturn in Capricorn

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