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Rulerships and Exaltations of Planets
Duration: 2,5 hours  
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Another fascinating course by Nikola Stojanovic. 

He reveals his personal findings on the rulerships and exaltations planets. 

Each planet rules a sign where it is most comfortable, feels like a king in his kingdom, and can do with ease what is expected of it. Each planet also has an exaltation sign where it acts like a guest of Honor and gives powerful positive results as well. 

With the discover of the outer invisible planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, astrologers faced the tasks of assigning sign rulerships and exaltations to these planets.
There is a still a lot of controversy what planet is exalted where and why. For example, where is Pluto exalted? There are many opinions but not much experiential proof. 

Nikola will reveal his own findings based on many years of work with clients, and illustrate with steel logic and multiple examples why each planet rules each sign and is exalted.
Nikola never follows the opinions of others and astrology experts. He bases his world famous and shockingly correct, specific forecasts on his own observations, leading him to the discovery of the degree meanings and the rulerships of each planet and sign. 

Looking forwarding to learning with you! 



Rulerships and Exaltations with Nikola


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