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Retrograde Planets in the Birth Chart  
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Demystifying an old demon! Are Retrograde planets bad!?! How do they affect your life! Does it mean, you will be backwards?!
In this webinar Astrolada will explain in depth the meaning of retrograde planets in the birth chart, their :
-karmic meaning
-spiritual meaning
-character results
-material meaning and manifestation
Retrograde planets according to Western Astrology tradition
Retrograde planets according to Vedic Astrology tradition
Retrograde planets personal meaning in your life
Retrograde planets in prediction
Retrograde planet turning direct
Retrograde planet celebrity examples
Personal stories about retrograde planets
Q&A at the end of the webinar
- 50%

Retrograde Planets Course

$39.99 $20

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from: 2021-04-10 till: 2021-04-20

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