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Progressed charts show you the evolution process and cycle of your soul and spirit. The purpose of them are to gain a real time understanding of how you are progressing on the lessons of your natal chart and soul's purpose in this present incarnation. It shows us how we evolve as human beings, in relationships, skills, beliefs and lessons, and how we constantly change and transform.
Progressions are a powerful predictive tool in astrology, which can point you the major turning points in life! 

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In this webinar Mike will teach you: 

Purpose of Progressed Chart

Progressed Chart vs Natal Chart 

Readings Planets, Asteroids and Progressions (sun, moon , mars, venus, Jupiter, saturn, mercury, neptune, uranus, pluto, the north and south node )

Progressed Chart Reading Techniques (casting the chart)

Journey of the Sun through the 3 Decans

Ascendant Sign Magical Journey through progressions

The progressed paths for the cardinal fixed and mutable signs and differences in their journey

Blending Charts

When To Use Which Chart in regards to your query

Q &A with Magic Mike

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"I want to say the Webinar with Magic Mike was amazing lots of information, I'm a very happy satisfied customer, I'm looking forward to have more webminards with him."


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Progressed Chart

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