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Principles of Astrological Remedies 


Do you have a bad placement in your chart? 


Do you want to know how to turn that to your advantage?

Duration: Roughly 5 hours.


This is a class that is suitable for even experienced astrologers. But the material is for beginners



We all have those planets in those houses that have been problematic for ages. Like, anything in the 6th, 8th or 12th house. Or Pluto anywhere. Or Mars. Or Saturn. You get the idea. 


Emine is offering a Webinar master class on the Principles of Astrological Remedies, which will teach you how to remedy any planet, sign, house, and aspect. You will learn how to turn your own and any other persons life around by turning their difficulties into strengths. I think this is a must if you have some difficult placements in your chart and want to not only overcome your challenges but also feel a solid love and acceptance for yourself. Our birth chart doesn’t change, after all, but there are so many more gifts we can discover in ourselves. 


Emine specialises in Astrological remedies and has previously created the Money, Purpose and Flow report, which focuses on wealth remedies, and the 8th House Manual, which deals with the remedies for the 8th house. 


You will learn the remedies for any:





Plus real life examples


Suitable for experienced astrologers as well as people who are new to astrology. But a basic familiarity with the meaning of planets and signs and houses is a big plus. 


We will learn the principles that can be applied to any part of a chart, but we will not specifically give examples of every possible placement and aspect.



A Remedies Manual, which gives you all the information you need to learn about remedies for any planet in any position. 

Value: 195 Dollars. 


The focus in this Webinar and Manual are mainly the inner remedies that are mental, psychological and emotional in nature. They are focused toward personal development, and are therefore best suited for those that enjoy personal development and growth.



"This webinar was Absolutely amazing! She was wonderful knowledgeable beautiful Teacher!
My house in 12 house and I am a Pisces but giving it’s what I do and first time I saw someone like this beautiful soul with unconditional love to teach us ! Thank you, you give me love , time , knowledge but mostly hope to learn how to understand myself and my close ones who struggle !
I wish I can hug her and say you are AMAZING 
Love to do my chart if it’s possible''                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Marina from USA 


''Your webinar was amazing!!! I did a reading to figure out if I should take it and my oracle said DEFINITELY! And I see why.  As one with a chart where many astrologers would describe it with lots of weak planets and difficult aspects, you gave me hope that I can make a conscious choice in how the planets manifest themselves. I left feeling empowered! Also, your webinar was fun and engaging because you are so personable.  So happy that I joined the webinar and I love the manuals that you produce.  They are so helpful for new and seasoned instructors! I have a few that I have purchased from you. ''

Peace and Love,


Principles of Astrological Remedies


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