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How to predict yearly and monthly events with Solar return chart and Profection.

Hellenistic Astrology

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I have been asked plenty of questions about profection and we have decided to teach you this ancient technique step by step.

It was used for thousands of years by the royal court astrologers to make precise predictions. The kings did not care about psychological profiling and evolution of the soul. They wanted direct and effective forecasts. These were the techniques which were used to consistently deliver that!

No beating about the bush, straight and PURE predictive FORCE! 

At the end of the webinar you should be comfortable to predict a SPECIFIC future event from your birth chart.

Many people are familiar with transits, but I am sure you have noticed that not all transits have got impact on you? 
It is because not every single planet is fully active in your chart at the same time.
Each year there is a TIME LORD of your year and it plays the biggest part in your chart and which transits will have the most effect.

Viktor will show you how to calculate the lord of the year.

In this webinar you will also learn about the followings ancient but very simple techniques used by the ancient SAGES of Astrology:

- stellium
- sect
- hyleg
- combust
- cazimi
- under the sun beams

Once you have gained understanding on each of these then we will have a look at plenty of chart, both celebrities and clients of ours.

Viktor wont have a look at chart of people joining the webinar.

Basic astrology needed: planets, houses and signs.

We are looking forward to teaching you this amazing predictive technique

Predicting with Profections and Solar Return


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