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The electional astrology is a very ancient field of astrology that was practiced in ancient Mesopotamia, ancient India, and is a great tool to plan or “give birth” to your events so that they result in success. This field of astrology can be applied to almost every area of your life.


This course will last approximately 6 hours and will teach you exactly this, how to plan the most important events in your life with the sky. You will find out how this unique ancient knowledge will help you be in control with most of the events of your life and lead them to wonderful results.





Price: $69



This course is for people who have basic knowledge of astrology.


  1. What is the electional astrology and the electional astrology in antiquity


  1. Rules of the elections:


  • The prime role of the Moon


  • Significators


  • Natures of the planets in the electional astrology


  • Phases of the planets in the electional astrology


  • Fixed stars in the electional astrology


  • Lunar mensions and nakshatras in the electional astrology


  • Natures of the houses for the electional astrology


  1. Aspects


  1. Meaning and use of planetary days and hours


  1. Types of elections with practical examples:


  • Personal elections


  • Love and marriage elections


  • Children and conception elections


  • Health and health treatments elections


  • Career and job elections


  • Financial and business elections


  • House, property, building works elections


  • Travel elections


  • Court cases and law suits elections


  • Gardening elections


  1. Summary and answers of questions time.

















Plan your life with the sky: Electional Astrology $69


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