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Astrology Computer Program for Windows- 

Program with powerful visual tools, fascinating animations and unique features.

Price:  $480



Placidus 7 makes all standard computations expected from an Astrology program.

It has, however, several capabilities which makes it unique: 



1.  It shows the Chart in Two Dimensions where you can see the horizon, meridian, fixed stars and constellations...

2. Placidus 7 can compute something that no other program in the World can:  The Heliacal Phases of the Planets and the Stars.

3. It has many modules for Ancient Astrology: Babylonian, Greek, Arab and Renaissance.

4. It has a lavish module for 3D Astrology (The Celestial Globe for astrologers).

5. It computes all kinds of Primary Directions- the most elite tool of the Predictive Astrology of all times.


The program can work in three Zodiacs: the modern Ptolemaic Tropical (spring equinox = 0 Aries),

 the Babylonian Fixed ( Fixed Star Aldebaran = 15 Taurus) and the Babylonian Tropical (spring equinox = 15 Aries).



The Chart in Two Dimensions


Placidus 7 shows the zodiacal images drawn, the stars superimposed  with names and magnitude, Meridian, Horizon, the 3 Babylonian celestial paths, Zenith, Nadir et cetera.

You can animate the Chart with step of time of your choice.  Then the program changes the time with your chosen increment and displays the new chart for the new time until you stop it!



The Heliacal Phases of the Planets and the Stars.


There are six modules for computation of the heliacal phases of the planets and the stars.  

Three of these modules will order the phases in a list ready to print.

The other three of them are animations where you can see the heliacal phases in easy and fascinating visual way.

You can easily see When and Where a Planet or a Fixed Star appears or disappears or makes station, cosmic set or acronychal rise.

You can see the four Pentagrams of Venus drawn on the Chart in two Dimensions: the two Pentagrams of Life and the two of Death!

These are the Pentagrams of her appearance as an Evening Star and of her appearance and disappearance as a Morning Star.

You can animate the Pentagram of Venus and see How it moves over the Chart and When exactly a beam of the Pentagram changes zodiacal Signs or Houses.




Ancient Astrology: Babylonian, Greek, Arab and Renaissance


In the Porphyrius Magus Super-Module you can compute virtually everything in ancient Astrology! 


The God’s Light- the Hyleg (Epikratetor)

The Guarding Angel- the Alcocoden (Oikodespotes) and

The Ego- the Almuten (Kurios).

We can set these to be computed by 6 Hellenistic, 3 Arab and 1 Medieval

authors. We choose the authors with a click of the mouse over a roll-down list:









Paulus Alexandrinus

Omar Tiberiades










Ptolemy Day

Ptolemy Night


Omar Tiberiades





With a mouse-click, we choose an author and PORPHYRIUS MAGUS

immediately computes and refreshes the chart on the screen as according to

the new choice of doctrine.

The Hyleg appears with an aura of Light- symbol of the Life coming

from God.

The Alcocoden- the Guarding Angel is with wings.

The Almuten- the Ego is with crown.


The bounds- so important in the Ancient Art, are shown in the inner-most wheel. The rulers of the bounds are shown in the bound they rule. 

The choice of bounds is also a click away:

We can switch to Egyptian, Chaldean and Ptolemaic bounds.


PORPHYRIUS MAGUS shows not only the results of his calculations, but also all intermediate stages.

PORPHYRIUS MAGUS shows his very process of ‘thinking’ and ‘considerations’- step by step.

We can see his thought flowing before us.

In this way we can invoke PORPHYRIUS MAGUS as a teacher and learn under his guidance the Art

of the True Ancient Astrology.

Because we see his thought we can also control him and check the correctness of his results.

How is this achieved?

By creating special modules- something like a window in the brain of the program- through which we

can see in details and step by step how Porhyrius Magus recreates the thought-process of all different Hellenistic

and Arab authors for choosing a hyleg and alcocoden (as well as for other things as we will see later)





3D Astrology- The Celestial Globe for astrologers.


This is astonishing view where you can see the 'Chart' in its Real 3D View.

The horizon, ecliptic, meridian, the zodiacal images drawn, the fixed stars

You can see even the House-Arcs or project the earth with its continents and islands onto the celestial sphere!

You can draw all kinds of arcs- even the arcs in primary directions like the arcs of the mundo Placidian aspects...



Primary Directions


They were the main tool employed by all famous astrologers of the past: Placidus,

Regiomontan,Naibod, Kepler, Tycho de Brahe, Cardan, Gauric, Morin, Sepharial, Alan Leo and many others.

Placidus 7 computes Placidian Semi-Arc, Placidian under the pole, Regiomontanian, Campanian and Topocentric primary directions.


1 Mundo to MC/ASC

2 Mundo Interplanetary aspects

3 Mundo Parallels

4 Mundo Rapt Parallels

5 Mundo to Cusps

6 Planet to itself

7 Zodiacal to MC/ASC

8 Zodiacal Interplanetary aspects

9 Zodiacal aspects to ASC/MC

10 Zodiacal acc. to Lucas Gauric

11 Zod. & Mundo acc. to Regiomontan

12 Under the Pole of the Significator


" PLACIDUS " can compute these directions direct and converse with 10 keys: Ptolemy, Cardan, Naibod,

Placidus, Kepler, Kuendig, VAN DAM, Sun Longitude travel ( for the birthday ), Synodic and a Customer key. The hitdates of the directions ( Day, Month, Year ) and the arc pop up in a chronological list in easy to understand notation and are ready to print.



In the REGIO-NAVIGATOR we can calculate

1. Zodiacal points ( aspects, antiscia, terms...) to all 10 planets. With latitude zero or acc. to Argol - L.Gauric.

On the screen we can see only the directions with latitude=0. These are the classical zodiacal directions of

Regiomontanus under the Pole of the Significator. Practiced by all Masters in the Regio Tradition.

2. Planets ( real bodies ) to mundo conjunctions and oppositions with all other planets. These also are

directions practiced by the old Masters ( Coley, Lilly, Argol, Regiomontanus, Morin et cet. ).

In the NAVIGATOR we can calculate,

3. Planets ( real bodies ) to zodiacal points.

4. Planets ( real bodies ) to Regio mundo conjunction with other planets ( real bodies ). This was also

the practice of all famous astrologers.

5. Planets ( real bodies ) to Regio conjunction with the zodiacal projections of other planets.

6. Planets ( real bodies ) to Cusps of Mundo Regio Houses.

7. Planets ( real bodies ) to ASC, MC, DESC, IC. This was surely practiced by all Masters in both

Traditions ( Regiomontanus and Placidus ).


Other modules:

1. PlacRegio-CampTopo Under the Pole 4-WHEEL Navigator. (KUEHR NAVIGATOR)

2. Mundo Directions of around 170 stars to the angles. Available from "Placidus Control Panel', 'Stars'

3. Solar Ecliptical Progressed Key. Can be chosen from the setup form.

4. Lunar Return Chart. Available from "Placidus Control Panel' and from the 4-WHEEL Navigator.

5. Print Options: Letter Size and A4. Available from "Placidus Control Panel', SETUP.

6. Primary Directions of planets to the Angles in the Solar and Lunar Return chart as Morin and Kuehr

did them. Available from the Solar and Lunar Return charts that can be called from the 4-WHEEL.

7. Primary Ingresses and Primary Day Directions as Kuehr described them. Available from the

4-WHEEL Navigator. Can be seen in the 4th Wheel of this module.

8. New directions were added in all Under the Pole systems (Placidus, Regiomontanus, Campanus,


I. Planets mundo and zodiacal to cusps and cusps to planets.

II. House Cusps to Angles and Angles to house cusps.

III. Planetary aspects and aspects of ASC & MC to cusps of houses.

IV. Aspects of ASC & MC to planets.

V. Aspects of the cusps to planets.



" Placidus " can compute also other techniques as:

1 Transits

2 Direct Progressions

3 Reverse Progressions

4 Solar Return Chart

5 Solar Arc Directions

6 Symbolic Directions

7 Symbolic with a Customer key


PLACIDUS 7.0 Astrology Computer Program


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