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Working with stelliums  

Stellium is when there are 3 or more planets in a sign.

Life can get hectic for those who have got this chart configuration.

Stellium is like a full of teenagers in a dormitory and one becomes the leader of them.

But which planet is that?

Stellium is a concentrated energy and we tend to focus on that area of life way more than others or we completely ignore it. 


In this webinar we will be looking at:

- Which planet is the leading planet of the stellium, which one you should be paying more attention to?

- What happens when you have a transit going through your stellium?

- Why can't people associate themselves with stelliums?

- What does the empty houses mean in the stellium chart?

- How to interpret stelliums


Level: Low intermediate

You need to have some understanding over signs, houses and planets.


Duration: 6 hours

WAS LIVE 21st March 2021


Working with stelliums


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