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What is Your Love Language?

webinar with Viktor




IF BOUGHT IN A PACKAGE WITH Cazimi / Planets in Detriment / Planetary Joy  webinars by Viktor



This webinar is designed partially for intermediate students. I will introduce a technique which is not available online anywhere.

I will show you what is holding you back in a relationship which can be 3 planets in your chart and it is different for everyone.

One is the planet which is holding your relationship planet in detriment.


I also will talk about the 5 love languages and how we can see what your love language is according to your natal chart

In this 4 hour webinar we will learn about:

- the 8 phases of Mars and Venus

- Synastry aspects between Venus and Mars 

- Natal aspects of Venus and Mars and their affect on relationships 

This course is suitable for students or astrologers who have got a great understanding over aspects, houses, signs and planets.

What is Your Love Language?


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PACKAGE 4 webinars Cazimi / Planets in Detriment / Planetary Joy and Love Language


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