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The ultimate course on medical astrology

by Viktor

Start date: 6th January 2024

Time: 6pm Istanbul, Turkey time

Price: 549USD

Duration: Each class is 2 hours

I have been fascinated by medical astrology for a while, especially since I have been on a healing journey myself.

I studied medical astrology for 2 years about 18 years ago and in the last 3 years, I have spent most of my energies trying to discover more especially when it comes to weight loss and balance of the body.

I have decided to put a course together on medical astrology for you.

Lecture 1 – The 7 visible planets in medical astrology

Lecture 2 – The houses of health

Lecture 3 – Elements, Are they in balance?

Lecture 4 – 12 signs and their typical issues

Lecture 5 – Lunar phases and medicine

Lecture 6 – Body image issues

Lecture 7 – Weight Loss Management Through Astrology

Lecture 8 – 6th House and our eating habits – pre-recorded

Lecture 9 – Hygeia and Chiron in medical astrology

Lecture 10 – Mental health problems

Lecture 11 – Lunar Nodes in medical astrology

Lecture 12 – Election for surgeries – pre-recorded

Lecture 13 – Astrological indications of medical conditions

Lecture 14 – Case studies

Lecture 15 – Case studies


There will be other topics discussed in this course too!


Note: This course does not replace the opinion of a doctor!!!

You will receive the first zoom link on your paypal email address. Check your spam folder. 

Viktor will be sending you each recording after the classes ! 


The Ultimate Course on Medical Astrology


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