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NEW The Love Manifestation Circle Workshop

Are you ready to put an end to being single and wasting time dating the wrong people? Have you had enough of FUTILE LOVE SEARCH and perpetual love suffering?

Then, take a look at my workshop "Love Manifestation Circle," where we combine the transformative Silva Method with the incredible energy of collective intention to help you manifest and enhance your ideal relationship.

What’s really great is it doesn’t involve dating strategies, years of therapy, or compromising on who you are (and it can also work fast!).

  1. Imagine joining forces with a group of like-minded individuals who share your intention of creating fulfilling and harmonious relationships. Together, we create a vibrant energy field that amplifies our individual manifestations, igniting a ripple effect of positive change. Magic happens when we harness the power of the collective.
  2. In this one-of-a-kind live group workshop, we dive deep into the Silva Method, a powerful technique that taps into the unlimited potential of your mind. Through guided exercises and meditations, you will unlock your subconscious mind and reprogram your traumatic experiences
  3. But here's the secret sauce: we do it as a group. By joining the ‚Love Manifestation Circle’, you'll experience the incredible synergy and support that comes from collective manifestation. Together, we create a high-vibrational space where each member contributes their energy, insights, and experiences, supercharging the manifestation process for everyone involved.



  • Learn to ACCESS your subconscious mind
  • Re-program your traumatic experiences in LOVE
  • Use the Power of the Group Intention to MANIFEST
  • Learn to Program Situations for yourself with the SILVA Method
  • Eliminate Limiting Beliefs with the recorded BONUS webinar

How it Works

  • In a small group we will do Silva Method and Other Techniques to Program the Field of Consciousness.
  • We will reprogram the most dominant blockage you have at the moment that stops you from being in a loving relationship.
  • We will then program a desired situation for each participant using the collective intention of the group.

Start Date

  • 28th October 2023 @ 7pm CET, 10 am PST, 1pm EST

Sign up to watch the theoretical part of the techniques in the Love Manifestation Circle and to receive more information about the course:


Love Manifestation Circle Full Price: 197 EUR

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