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NEW Retrogression - Fundamentals of Astrology 

(Mini course by Himanshu)


2 days ( 4 hours ) Live Workshop (Zoom) and RECORDED, so you can watch it afterwards! 


ONLY $28 for 2 the days!!!  

Dates:- 10th and 11th July 2024

Timing of Live Webinar: 8 PM Bulgarian Time


In this 4 hours tutorial I share fascinating observations about the behavior of retrograde planets and their effect on us. 

In this course we will be learning about the practical approach and implication  of Retrograde planets on every point of view. Also how understand the transit retrograde planets in general life.


Key Concepts of Discussion:

1. Understanding Astronomy and Motion of Planets.

2. Stages of Retrograde Planets.

3. Classic Reference of Retrograde Planets.

4. Karmic Indication of Retrograde Planets.

5. General results of Retrograde Planets.

6. Results of Retrograde Planets house Lordship.

7. Signification of Retrograde Planets.


I will share interesting correlations in regards to all the Planets and what you can expect from Retrograde planets in your life. 


NOTE: You will also be added to a discussion forum for 7 Days to discuss the after queries Recording will be available after the session

NOTE: You will receive the zoom live link after you make the purchase to your paypal email address that made the purchase! Check your spam folder as sometimes emails arrive there! 

We will be emailing you the recordings of the live sessions once the mini course by Himanshu ends! Please allow a few days period after the ending! 

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Retrogression - Fundamentals of Astrology

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from: 2024-06-28 till: 2024-07-11

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