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Astrology - Physiology of the Soul

Live Course

with Marina



6-month training

About the course

The course is designed for beginners who want to learn Astrology really fast OR people who already know some Astrology but want to learn how to put everything together and feel more confident when they are interpreting a chart.

Astrology - Physiology of the Soul is also a self-exploration journey. 1/3 of the sessions will be dedicated only to practice. During those we'll analyze the charts of the students (completely voluntary), which will help you understand your horoscope better, as well as learn how to interpret other charts. 


The course is psychologically and spiritually oriented. It'll touch upon  Jung's psychology, mythology and karma. 



31 Lectures + 16 Practice Sessions


Module 1 - Foundations

  • Elements and modalities
  • The planets in Astrology
  • Astrology configurations
  • The aspects in Astrology
  • Aspect configurations
  • Rulerships, Lunar phases, Speed of planets, Morning/evening planets


Module 2 - The signs in Astrology

  • Fire and Air
  • Earth and Water


Module 3 - Planets in Signs

  • Moon signs
  • Mercury signs
  • Venus signs
  • Mars signs
  • Jupiter signs
  • Saturn signs
  • Outer planets signs
  • Nodes signs


Module 4 - Aspects between the planets

  • Aspects of the Sun
  • Aspects of the Moon
  • Aspects of Mercury
  • Aspects of Venus
  • Aspects of Mars
  • Aspects of Jupiter
  • Aspects of Saturn
  • Aspects of the outer planets


Module 5 - The Houses

  • 1st house - signs and planets
  • 2nd house - signs and planets
  • 3rd house - signs and planets
  • 4th house - signs and planets
  • 5th house - signs and planets
  • 6th house - signs and planets
  • 7th house - signs and planets
  • 8th house - signs and planets
  • 9th house - signs and planets
  • 10th house - signs and planets
  • 11th house - signs and planets
  • 12th house - signs and planets



Duration - 6 months

Starting date - January 8th, 2022

Live sessions - Thursdays and Saturdays from 11 or 11:30 am ET

All of the sessions will be recorded and available to watch in a private member area until the end of 2022



The certification is optional. The students who want to get certified need to pay a $ 200 fee and after that they will receive a personal assignment. If they complete the assignment successfully, they will receive a digital certificate.



About Your Teacher - Marina Stoichkova


I have a 9-year experience with Astrology. My education includes a 5-year training (and certification) with The Moscow Academy of Astrology. I'm about to complete my Master's degree in Psychology during 2022 and also going through an in-depth training in Jungian psychotherapy. I have a particular interest in psychological Astrology, medical Astrology, karmic connections, family constellations, mythology, homeopathy, energy medicine, etc. 



Payment options:

One time payment of $ 997

6 monthly payments of $ 197



The group will be small, so make sure to save your spot!


After you sign up you will receive an email with your login details. Please, allow up to 48 hours.

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