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Astrology and GSR in a rush for Creativity


An online live program that will help you learn Astrology, unleash your deepest Creative potential and transform your life!


Creativity is something beyond Art!

Of course, you can express Creativity by painting, writing, and making music. But you can also manage a business, raise kids, teach, cook, garden, and creatively live your whole life. By Creativity I mean doing something in your very own unique way, which resonates with your Heart and Soul, and is for the highest good. 



The pieces of the puzzle in this program

  • Astrology - the language of the Soul

Your birth chart is like a map of your Soul. It reveals your inner world - the gifts and talents you can rely on; the potential weaknesses and blind zones you should work on; your life lessons and tasks.


  • GSR - a transformational technique for self-development

GSR is a method that works with your feelings and inner states. It allows you to resolve any problem, achieve every goal, release blockages, and tap into your deepest inner potential.


  • You - the most important piece

Don't forget to bring yourself too! We'll need you and your incredible Soul.



Who will benefit the most from this program

  • Creative souls that want to have a positive impact on this world
  • Folks who want to increase their self-awareness and unleash their full potential
  • Astrology enthusiasts hungry for the next level of learning how to use their gifts
  • Spiritual seekers who know that there is much more than the current material reality and want to create their own miraculous life



Who is Me

Marina Stoichkova - Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, and Cancer rising.

I'm an astrologer, psychologist, and GSR Expert Pro. I have a 10-year experience with Astrology and variety of psychological and healing modalities. GSR is the most powerful transformational technique I have found and that’s why it’s a huge focus in a my work.

I have many creative passions. I have been a graphic designer, but my longest relationship is with music - I will always be in love with it. I'm also fond of words and creative writing. But frankly, I adore everything unique and made with Love and Soul.



The details

  • Official start - March 23, 2023
  • Duration - March-December 2023 (with a break during August)
  • Access to 50+ hours of prerecorded lessons on Natal Astrology
  • Live Astrology classes - once a week (Thursdays at 11 am US ET)
  • Live GSR meetings - twice a month (Tuesdays at 11 am US ET)


How the program works

  • You get access to the prerecorded lessons on Natal Astrology, which you should watch on your own ~60-90 min a week (hint - you can increase the video speed and save time)
  • Once a week, we have a Zoom class (~60-90 min), and we explore the Astrology lessons you have watched through the lens of Creativity. We'll also practice, and I will answer your questions
  • I highly recommend you learn GSR (the Module is optional and is purchased separately). You can learn and use the method on your own. It allows you to work on your inner states - release blockages, tap into your creative potential, and achieve your goals
  • Twice a month, we have a Zoom meeting dedicated to GSR (~60-90 min) - we'll discuss how you can use the method in combination with your birth chart so that you can overcome your challenges and express your highest potential


How to get the maximum from the program

  • Study Astrology and explore your birth chart - Meet your true Self!

Find your resources, talents, and creative potential (expressed and hidden); recognize your inner limitations and blockages; find the best strategies that will support your creative expression and success.


  • Learn to apply GSR - Create your magical life!

Use the tool which allows you to let go of numerous energy distortions (we all have many of those) which are limiting the expression of your pure inner resources and Creativity.


Curriculum of Natal Astrology prerecorded lessons

Module 1 - Astrology Foundation

The 4 Elements and the 3 Modalities

Combinations Between the Elements

Astrology reading of Curt Cobain's horoscope

The Planets in Astrology

Astrology Configurations

Astrology reading of Sigmund Freud's horoscope

The Aspects in Astrology

Astrology reading of Jay-Z's horoscope

Aspect Configurations

Astrology reading of Bono's horoscope

Planetary Rulerships and Dispositions

Astrology reading of J.K. Rowling's horoscope

Lunar Phases, Speed of Planets, and Morning/Evening Planets

Astrology reading of Ashton Kutcher's horoscope


Module 2 - The Zodiac Signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Astrology reading of Whitney Houston's horoscope

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Astrology reading of Orlando Bloom's horoscope

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Astrology reading of Robbie Williams's horoscope

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Astrology reading of Katy Perry's horoscope


Module 3 - Planets in Signs

The Moon in the 12 Signs

Astrology reading of Ernest Hemingway's horoscope

Mercury in the 12 Signs

Astrology reading of Steve Jobs's horoscope

Venus in the 12 Signs

Astrology reading of David Gilmour's horoscope

Mars in the 12 Signs

Astrology reading of Nelson Mandela's horoscope

Jupiter in the 12 Signs

Astrology reading of Maria Montessori's horoscope

Saturn in the 12 Signs

Astrology reading of Monica Bellucci's horoscope

Lunar Nodes in the 12 Signs

Astrology reading of Brad Pitt's horoscope

Outer Planets and Sign Positions


Module 4 - Planetary Aspects

Aspects of the Sun

Astrology reading of Wayne Dayer's horoscope

Aspects of the Moon

Astrology reading of Amy Winehouse's horoscope

Aspects of Mercury

Astrology reading of Stephen Hawking's horoscope

Aspects of Venus

Astrology reading of Lana Del Rey's horoscope

Aspects of Mars

Astrology reading of Cristiano Ronaldo's horoscope

Aspects of Jupiter

Astrology reading of Albert Einstein's horoscope

Aspects of Saturn

Astrology reading of Dan Osman's horoscope

Aspects between the Outer Planets

Astrology reading of Adolf Hitler's horoscope


Module 5 - The Houses in the Horoscope

Introduction to Houses

Astrology reading of John Lennon's horoscope

Lunar Nodes in Houses

Astrology reading of Jennifer Aniston's horoscope

1st House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Leonardo Dicaprio's horoscope

2nd House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Mark Zuckerberg's horoscope

3rd House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Steven King's horoscope

4th House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Malala's horoscope

5th House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Celine Dion's horoscope

6th House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Lady Gaga's horoscope

7th House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Nicolas Cage's horoscope

8th House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Chester Bennington's horoscope

9th House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Sadhguru's horoscope

10th House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Marie Curie's horoscope

11th House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Paul McCartney's horoscope

12th House - Signs and Planets

Astrology reading of Virginia Wolf's horoscope



My goal is for you to

  • Find the beauty of who you really are
  • Learn to use Astrology when you are Soul-searching for your deepest potential
  • Express yourself in the Creative form that resonates the most - write the book, compose the song, design the home, draw the painting, perform, or just be your best Creative Self



Do you need prior Astrology experience?

No. We'll start from the basics.


Do you need to be extremely talented and gifted?

No. You just need to have the desire to find and express your potential.

I highly recommend you have a concrete intention - it might be something concrete like write a book, become a professional photographer, work as an Astrologer who helps creative people, etc. or it can be more general - find my gifts, understand more about my self, unleash my creativity, etc.


Do you need to be familiar with GSR?

No. I highly recommend you learn and apply the technique, but that's optional. (The GSR Module 1 is purchased separately and is nonobligatory).




Reality check (a.k.a. warning)

  • You can change your life and achieve the dreams of your wildest imagination
  • It's incredibly exciting, but it ain't easy
  • It's ok if you are creatively promiscuous, and struggle with commitment, focus, and discipline (like many Creative people), BUT you need to be willing to work on that
  • If you want amazing results, you need to put love and effort into it



What's so great about the program

It's a Creative project - it's absolutely unique, and by being part of it, you are also becoming part of the Creative flow

You can get to know your real Self 

You can take part in the pilot edition (there's more to come, but they will be more pricey)




Summary of what you will get:

  • Access to 50+ hours of prerecorded lessons on Natal Astrology
  • Live weekly Astrology classes
  • Live biweekly GSR meetings
  • Telegram group for questions and support



Price: One-time payment of $1500 or 9 monthly payments of $200.




(If you want to learn and use GSR, you will need to purchase GSR Module 1 separately. This Module is prerecorded by the creator of the method. You can get through the material on your own and start doing GSR sessions for yourself. The price is 14000 rubles (around $200). In addition we’ll organize a separate training with a curator who will help you with your GSR technique. This training will be free for people who have GSR Module 1)

Astrology and GSR in a rush for Creativity


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