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Astrology, Alchemy, and Transformation

Online retreat



Do you feel like so many things are changing in and out of you? Or maybe you've been stuck and you feel like nothing moves? Or as weird as it may sound somehow you manage to experience both of those polarities at the same time…


You are not alone!


The whole humanity is going through an important phase of transitioning into the new era of Aquarius. We are all triggered as a collective and at the same time everyone of us is going through our own processes of self-development and evolution. 


The changes are very intense on a collective and personal level!


And even though everyone has their own journey of change and growth, there are some universal patterns that we all share and go through in different seasons of our lives. Alchemy and Astrology are ancient sources of wisdom that explore and explain the psychological journey of those transformations. 


The psychological Alchemy and Astrology can give you the key!


Who is this online retreat for 

  • Those, who want to explore their inner world
  • People interested in spiritual and personal growth
  • Anyone who's going through transformation and profound changes
  • People experiencing intense Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto energies


What are you going to learn

  • - Brief summary of the history of ancient Alchemy from a psychological perspective
  • - Main concepts and theories used in Alchemy and how they can help you understand better the transformational processes you might be going through
  • - Astrology and Alchemy - the connection between the cosmic energies that affect you and the inner journey of finding/revealing/creating yourself 
  • - The main types of Alchemical processes and their psychological influence - the main challenges you may face with and the potential benefits 
  • - Alchemical processes related to the different planets in Astrology - psychological transformations triggered by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
  • - How the 4 elements go through the different Alchemical and psychological transformations 



  • - February 4-5, 11 am US ET 
  • - Before the event you will receive the Zoom link on your email, please check your spam folder. Message will arrive within 48-72hours. 
  • - You will also get access to the recording after the retreat


Join the Astrology, Alchemy, and Transformation Online Retreat


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Online retreat + recording


Price: $ 79



Online retreat + recording

* Personal Astrology Session


Price: $ 250



* The Personal Astrology Session is focused on individual analysis of Alchemical and Transformational themes in your chart, as well as review of the current transits and progressions and the processes you are going through right now.



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