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Over the past decade besides showing me your love and support for the content and courses I created, either by myself or with other astrologers, you also have helped me grow with your learning taste and curiosity.

There is not a single day without receiving  an email or message in my inbox from someone asking me on where to start on certain astrology topic, what courses they should start with. Those questions were my inspiration to do something different.

Therefore, During the Whole Summer of 2023 there will be a new learning experience for those who want to learn astrology with me or are serious on catching up upon different angles of each astrology subject. 

It is (Astrolada Top Picks), a curated well chosen Courses And Webinars list of my choice on certain astrology themes that will pave the way for you to be on the top of any astrology subject of your choice.

The subject will change every three weeks, so I can cover as many topics as possible, that will match your different interests.

From now and every three week, till mid October, you will see different astrology topic and my chosen list to learn about it.

But this is not everything, I will also follow up with you, your learning process and give you support through follow up emails, Receiving your questions and regular live sessions with me to ask me all your questions, comments , recommendations or just say hi. 

Since some courses can be long and taking in consideration that most of you might not finish everything in three weeks, I have decided if you joined me on this first list or any upcoming one - you will always receive the notification email on my upcoming live session, so I can support you in your learning journey.

My top Picks list will be offered with very reasonable prices for both regular and legacy members but keep in mind those prices will last only for three weeks after that we move to a totally different subject.

By the end of this experience I will take your votes upon all top picks list and the one you liked the most, I will put it later permanently for purchase on my website.

Starting top picks lists with Astrology of Love and relationships, and here is my list I chose for you:

- Astrology of Love and Compatibility by Astrolada.

- Soul Mate Compatibility in Astrology - Secrets of the Navamsa  by  Astrolada.

- Compatibility for love and marriage - Arabic love points by Astrolada/Trifon. 

- The Davison Chart by Viktor. 

- Venus retrograde and its cycles by Viktor.

The Contents of each Course/webinar:

- Astrology of Love and Compatibility by Astrolada.
Part I and II
Foundations of Relationships astrology(signs, houses, planets)
How to Analyze the Horoscope of each person individually and see:
1. If he/she has an easy or hard Karma in relationships and how manage this
2. If he/she can do long term monogamous relationships 
3. If he/she will have happy relationships earlier or later in life
4. If he/she is more likely to cheat or to be cheated on
5. What kind of partners is one drawn to
6. What kind of relationships one will attract and benefit most from
7. How to deal with people who have difficult behaviors in relationships
8. What is helping one in love and what is hindering one in creating lasting relationships.

Part III and IV
How to compare the horoscopes of 2 people and see if:
1. It is possible for them to be together long term
2. If their energy clashes or syncs well and what to do in case there is a clash
3. They have hard or easy past life and current karma
4. What kind of challenges they will meet in their relationship
5. What is helping their love grow and what is hindering it
6. If there are any special “soul mate” connections between them
7. What each inter-aspect from one person to the other indicate and how to deal with it.

- Soul Mate Compatibility in Astrology - Secrets of the Navamsa  by  Astrolada:
There is a special SOUL CHART, called the Navamsa in ancient Vedic astrology(or the 9th Divisional chart in modern astrology), which maps the longing of your soul: what your Higher Self leads you to acquire as qualities in this lifetime. It is often referred as the chart of the future incarnation, because working towards these character traits in this life, will reflect as positions in your future life birth chart. It is also known as the chart, which takes over after 50, with emotional maturity and when we are more complete in our development.this webinar teaches you the secrets of the Soul Mate chart and how to compare your horoscope to another and see if this person-lover or friend, parent or child, is someone who helps you develop your soul purpose. If so, these people will play a major role in your life and will stay for a long period in your life. You will also find out what to look for in the birth chart of potential partners, if they are to satisfy your soul longing and needs!

- Compatibility for love and marriage - Arabic love points by Astrolada/Trifon.
 extensive webinar to find out:
The point of Passion (gives insatiable desire for your partner)
The point of Love and concord (gives soul mate love and deep understanding)
The point of Eros (sensual attraction)
The point of Marriage for men (who a man is meant to marry)
The point of Marriage for women (who a woman is meant to marry)
3-4 other love Arabic points which indicate intense chemistry and love.

- The Davison Chart by Viktor. 
The Davison chart can reveal why a couple gets together, and what their karmic journey looks like.
This technique is less well-known or used than the composite, but it does not mean it is not as powerful as other synastry techniques.It shows you the relationship dynamics creating a new chart that describes both people at the same time.

- Venus retrograde and its cycles by Viktor.
In this webinar we will learn:

- What is Venus retrograde?

- How to work with Venus retrograde period?

- The meaning of Venus in Capricorn.

- Venus 8 phases and what difference it shows in the birth chart.

- Forecasting with Venus star point.

- Venus and the 8 year synodic cycle.





When you purchase this top picks list for love and relationships Astrology, you will receive an email with links to all the courses above, check your paypal email because this is the one which will receive the courses links on and also any other emails regarding Top picks.

Courses links with life-time access.

- PDF files or any other material related to the courses if there is any. 
- Weekly Follow up Email.
- Notification email with my Private live zoom sessions from May till mid of October to discuss all your questions.

I am looking forward to see you benefit from this, take the chance to learn as much as possible, hear your comments and suggestions and most importantly your feed back about this experience.

God Bless you all, 


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