The Mystery of Neptune

webinar with Nikola

The Mystery of Neptune 


webinar with Nikola

Date: 22nd December 12pm Pacific time or 10pm EEST 

2, 2.5h long webinar 

PRICE: $39.99


Neptune is full of mysteries

Neptune rules secrets, prisons, madness, loss, confusion, intrigues, spying, hiding, escaping, lying, drugs, misleading!

But on the higher scale it is the planet of unconditional love, quantum healing, forgiving, charity and nirvana (magical bliss state of consciousness) 

Nikola Stojanovic takes in a journey through the foggy realms of Neptune in the birth chart! 
-Neptune in the 12 houses in the birth chart 

-Neptune’s most important Natal aspects 

-Remedies for Neptune in the birth chart and in transits
-Multiple life stories and examples how Neptune plays out 

-Q&A with Nikola

AstroLada will be the moderator and deliver your questions to Nikola.

The Mystery of Neptune $39.99

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