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Natal Planetary aspects


An astrology cook book of all natal aspects between planets

Conjunctions, Oppositions/Squares, Sextiles/Trines,

The book is interactive, you can click on the aspect you want to read at the start and it takes you to the description.

The Book includes the western psychological and material perspective of each transit and some ancient Vedic/Jamini meanings where relevant and if different than the western perspective.  

An introduction how to best use this information is included. 

Here is an example of one of the aspects:

Venus in conjunction with Jupiter


  • This is a very happy aspect, it can be said that through it the person will more easily attract to himself/herself love, prosperity, everything he/she wants because of his/her own spirit.
  • The aspect shows a cheerful, well-meaning, positive character who is able to attract success and happiness in a natural way.
  • It shows a wealth of feelings, very often an idealist in love, inclined to show nobility, understanding, empathy in love.
  • In most cases, they are loving, positive and affectionate partners, and also strive to contribute to the well-being of their loved ones. But they can like too much of a good thing, especially in the horoscopes of men, it indicate someone who will easily attract women and have many temptations and most likely multiple relationships, (Bill Clinton) while still being a loving husband.
  • They are generous. Pettiness and selfishness are something these people do not understand. They are irritated by the vulgarity, they know how to appreciate beauty.
  • These people attract partners who are influential, open-minded, free-spirited, affectionate or who contribute to their own development. This is a happy aspect for love in general if the conjunction does not conclude other tense aspects, then happiness in personal relationships is guaranteed.
  • This aspect also shows financial possibilities beyond the usual, sometimes based on luck, it is a karmic position, so all the benefits are obtained with ease and thus multiply.
  • This aspect represents a chance to make good money when the person has high-level qualifications, travels, deals with law, teaching, advertising, etc.
  • Questions related to travel, relocation, enrichment of knowledge are all accompanied by luck.
  • Interest in religion, spirituality, morality which can unlock additional opportunities.
  • The aspect shows getting along with the parents.
  • On the negative side, since Jupiter is not good with boundaries, this conjunction can indicate “too much of a good thing” syndrome: when one overdoes Venus things: luxuries, good food, spending, women, relationships, pleasures, making one morally permissive towards themselves and others.
  • The subtle spiritual joys and connection to Higher Power and Meaning (Jupiter) in life can be drowned by external pleasures and material distractions(Venus) according to Vedic Astrology
  • Females in one's life can be either "lushes", larger than life, into the good life and luxury, or very philosophical, open minded and even from foreign places. 


Jupiter and Venus in astrology symbolize small and great happiness. When united in a conjunction, the house they are in is heavily accentuated and may indeed be flooded with some kind of prosperity, luck, happiness. This is a karmic position, some kind of reckoning for the generosity and morals of the individual. However, it matters whether the conjunction has difficult aspects or not. If so, the person can abuse luck and show laziness, apathy, begin to strive to please himself/herself in every way, without measure and without limits with the relevant negative consequences. Thus, everything that can be acquired can be permanently lost until certain lessons are learned…


Written By Lada Duncheva & Mariana Petrova



”Bought the book today and have been reading it all day, referring it to my own and family/friends’ charts. Really good work, Lada and Mariana. The book is to-the-point, packed with interesting insights, and no fluff! I highly recommend it!”

Natal Planetary Aspect Book


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