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Mars in Aries 2020. How it will affect you

5 hour webinar 

Was Live July 1st 2020, NOW IS RECORDED!   

Price: FIRST WAS $81, now is $56

AstroLada’s first solo webinar in 2 years!!!

This year Mars is very close to the Earth, It has not been so strong for decayed! And it is in the same phase like it was in the start of the 2nd World War!

Being so strong and also in its own sign, the next 6 months: July to December 2020 will be extraordinarily important for all of us, one a collective and personal level, to achieve some feat of will power in a certain area of our lives! 

This webinar will focus especially on how to prepare you for this Mars on steroids period, by giving possible developments based on your personal transits of Mars to your horoscope!


In this 5 hour webinar, AstroLada will lead your through the following topics:

Mars retrograde in Aries 2020

    ⁃    World and historical events and predictions (1 hour) 
    ⁃    Mars through the 12 houses square Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto through the 12 houses (2 hours)
    ⁃    Mars transits to your personal planets: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (2 hours)

- 30%

Mars in Aries 2020. How it will affect you

$81 $56.7

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from: 2021-07-01 till: 2021-07-10

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