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Manifesting Money Workshop with Angelic 


12 Mins FREE Preview from the Webinar

Manifesting financial abundance requires a shift of both the conscious and subconscious in order to both attract and receive wealth.

Angelic will be leading a workshop that will guide you to reset your visual and mental connection to money, co-create a vision board alongside of you not only to gain clarity of vision but to impress your manifestations upon the subconscious mind - the source from which all manifestations emanate.

She will also lead everyone through candle work! This form of manifesting is quick and effective and requires prep work to be successful! So bring your laptop, all the required items and lets bring abundance and prosperity into your life!

This workshop will include an affirmation mp3 that must be done daily as the manifesting work is being conducted, along with a meditation to bring your vision to reality!


Money Manifesting Series:                                                                                                                                                     

- Reassigning Relationship to money
- How money can be used for healing
- How money can be used for positive change
- How money can cultivate love
- Reassign name/image for money

- Visualization techniques
- Lack Mentality vs. Abundance Mindset

Law of Receptivity
- Techniques & Practices

- Affirmations
- Dimension Shifting

- Abundance Awareness

Vision Board
- Turn money into goals & Items

- Green Candle, needle/Pin, Paper & Pen

Required tools you will need to bring with you:
-Green 7 day candle/matches
-Pen & paper
-Poster board
-6-7 images (printed or cut outs) if items/experiences/$ they wish to manifest
-Colored markers/pencils or crayons




Money manifesting with Angelic


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