Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018 - 2019


Jupiter in Sagittarius 
November 2018 to November 2019

4 Hour Webinar with Astrolada & April

$49.99 if you would like to receive an email with a short report on how this transit will affect you personally. 

Jupiter is coming home!! Here Jupiter is generous and gives with full hands!

He will grant us unexpected blessings in a BIG WAY, in different areas of our lives, depending on your personal horoscope. In this webinar Astrolada & April explain how to see like a professional astrologer, what Jupiter will bless in your horoscope. Then they go in depth on each possible influence! Some of us will have many Jupiter transits at once, and you can hear about all of them! Lucky you!! 

Find out the most fertile and happening periods of the Jupiter in Sagittarius stay and how to benefit from these. 

So excited about this amazing manifesting time! 

If you would like a report with all the transits Jupiter will do in your personal horoscope,  you can order the $39.99 version and send a picture of your horoscope to this email to April: thepurplescorpio8@gmail.com

Jupiter in Sagittarius with a Report of your Jupiter Transits $39.99

Send us a picture of your natal horoscope at the email above in the description 

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