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How to Find your Vocation and Timing of Big Career Changes!

Astrologer April, assisted by Astrolada, bring you this in-depth beginner's course on Career and Vocation! 

We will go over:
- The 2nd house cusp and what it means as far as how one can make the most money

- The 6th house of their ideal work environment/schedules/work duties 

- The 10th house of ultimate fulfillment of career/life purpose

- Signs on the cusps as well as what it means to have planets in the career houses (ex. Libra on the 6th house cusp, etc.) 
- how to calculate the rulers of the career houses and what they mean (ex. Libra is your 6th house, Venus rules Libra, where is Venus located in your chart, what does it show for your work)

- The North Node and what it means for fulfillment of life purpose / direction one must go towards in positive ways. 

- Stelliums of planets together, what it means to have one in a house or sign and how they can help to show what your purpose is. (Ex. having Sun, Mercury & Saturn together in Aries)

- Planetary transits that can show huge shifts in career (ex. outer planets transiting the sun, rising or in the career houses) and ones that can indicate best times to look for jobs and have more successes (i.e. transits of Sun, Venus, Mercury to the work/career houses, etc.).

- Real life / personal examples


How to Find your Vocation


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