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Horary astrology course

Horary is a branch of astrology which deals with answering questions. This is the most ancient astrology of all. It has been used for 2000 years to be able to give yes or no answers to any questions by erecting a chart for the moment the question is asked.

Most questions can be answered with a simple yes or no and most importantly, you don’t need your time of birth.


This course is designed for low intermediate students, who have already some idea about the meaning of planets, aspects, signs and houses

In this 8 part course (24 hours) you will learn the followings:

  • What is derived house system and how to see others in your chart
  • Planets and planetary hours from a different aspect
  • Signs and essential dignities
  • Houses and almutens
  • Aspects and perfection
  • Triplicities, accidental dignities
  • Void of course Moon
  • Moon phases
  • Rules of horary astrology
  • Marriage, love and birth questions
  • Legal questions
  • Relocation, house sales and buying questions
  • Lost items
  • The specific steps involved in analysing a horary chart

You will be learning by looking at plenty of resolved cases. 

Recordings will be sent out with slides and materials and you owe them for life.

Price: $349 or $380 (when paid in 2 payments)

2 payments of $190:

Horary astrology installment plan
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Horary astrology course


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